Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Life - ACOB Newsletter for May

We emphasize new life at Easter when we tell the resurrection story and hunt for eggs. I even asked the children this year what baby chicks had to do with Easter and they correctly said "new birth".  I want to remind US that Easter continues to happen every day.

Not only do we remain in the "white" liturgical season of Easter, we live rebirth with every act we take as Christians. Our work includes listening to people who need a word of hope in the face of crisis, serving those for whom a small gift of food or shelter can become a new beginning, and the church is often a place of sanctuary for people who are seeking renewal.

Our on-going Easter challenge is to remain conscious of the vital role we play in the world as people of faith. We are ministers with a mission. Let us seek each day to live rebirth & renewal in all we do. On each of the 40 days that follow Easter (& bring us to Pentecost), let us begin with the reminder that our Lord is risen indeed!
May the resurrection make a difference in and through you.

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