Thursday, April 21, 2011

Holy Week

Everything is different this week. I have less extra services than many of my colleagues, but it is still busy and different. The holidays remind me that there are people I want to visit. Approaching vacation results in trouble focusing.  There's added pressure to have a good, relevant, different sermon. There's the balance between being 'different' and being relevant to those who will come. How do we reach the occasional attended along with the every week folks? (who are dwindling, literally dying out). It's as if Holy Week was full of holes.

Today I complete the final preparations for tonight's Love Feast. There's a couple short reflections to edit and complete. Then I need to call some readers. I also want to get to the gym because my personal, physical health needs a good workout. There's also the reading for Sunday's sermon of which I only have a vague idea.

So, here I sit. non-Luther like. About to get another cup of coffee. About to read the revgalblogpals thoughts from Tuesday. About to focus. About to be.
About to be - holy, perhaps that's an appropriate description for Holy Week.

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