Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm So Proud

My daughter began blogging this week! I'm so proud of her. (Isn't this a new age of learning?) I am waiting the final formatting of her space on wordpress and then I will have a link to share with you. How very exciting, isn't it? She is writing about food and fashion. I can't wait!

Meanwhile, in the waiting department, the days go by until the NEW iPhone is to come out in June. The iPad2 comes out today. More things to help me stay connected, although I can't really afford them both. Even the newest resources I review assume a level of technology or at least connection within the congregation. This is true because even the handful of older folks without email, spend their hours in front of a TV well aware of world-wide news every hour. Prayer concerns range from prayers of compassion for the person in the next pew to prayers for nations in revolt or facing oppression. It is a new day in the church and its time we caught up with everything we do. #mymantra

Until later...

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