Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Night Writing

I've been getting the "advice to writers" tweets as I wrote tonight. = encouragement. I have an all-day event tomorrow, fortunately as an attendee. I know I'll enjoy it but as today slipped away, I began to wonder how I'd get it done.

Now the sermon is written - such that it is. The "teaching moment" is ready, a children's message is sketched out, the worship is almost complete. I guess I can enjoy tomorrow, take my pages along and wonder if any of this makes sense. Ah well.

Maybe I'll reward myself on Sunday afternoon with a new book to begin. What shall it be? More Ken Follet on WWI?

Or finish Sense & Sensibility?

Or try something different my brother suggested?

Or finally crack open Carol Howard's?
so many choices will be a delight, but first Saturday and Sunday.

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