Friday, February 4, 2011

Salty goodness

I'm trying to turn this passage about Salt and Light, which is so well known into a sermon. Meanwhile, I'm just recovering from a heavy-duty head cold and one of the first things I began to taste again was salt. Yesterday I wanted SALTY CHIPS! Of all the times there has been 'evil snack food' in the house, wouldn't you know there weren't any chips. But a found some crunchy Cheetos remaining in the bottom of the bag and I ate those. UMMM good. Today, I put soy sauce in my bean curd soup to add saltyness. I guess we do equate salt with flavor.

I don't usually cook with salt. I figure most of what we eat has plenty already in it. We eat enough packaged foods that I look to see how much salt we are consuming. So this passage that equates goodness with salt falls on ears that are learning to equate salt and bad health. What's a preacher to do? I guess we'll find out come Sunday when I pass around a couple bags of chips and see if anyone listens after I feed them just ONE Potato Chip.

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