Tuesday, February 8, 2011

iPhone fantasies

I admit I am possessed by the desire for an iPhone. Verizon finally gets it and I am waiting for an income check from a project that WAS to arrive at the end of January. It didn't so I missed the "pre-ordering" of the iPhone. I am possessed enough that my son asked if I could go just 12 hours without mentioning the iPhone - I can't. I am truly sad.

But the blessing of waiting is that I'm reading about what MIGHT be in the iPhone 5 that MIGHT come out by June. Since the check with which I plan to buy this phone, has yet to arrive, I am thinking of waiting for the next iteration. The question is, after all this waiting and longing, can I wait 4 MORE MONTHS?

I'm sure there is a theological lesson in here. And if I could get off the mac rumor-news websites long enough, I might just discover a contemplative revelation. Or maybe it is just the way of the world and technology. We are programed to wait and long for the newest and next thing. - at least I am.

So here I sit on my morning off. Reading, longing, imagining and grateful to have the morning to enjoy. "Enjoy" - am I? or is this all craziness?

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Terri said...

well...I'd like an iPhone too...but I'm not even fantasizing about one, let alone contemplatng one, until I have a job...but once I do I AM ALL OVER IT! LOL