Saturday, May 8, 2010


I'm reading Dan Brown's book, The Lost Symbol and I'm really enjoying it. My only problem is I get so hooked into a book like this that I don't want to put it down. So I've been staying up too late catching up on reading after meetings and such.

Then I got sick, almost too sick to read but its great to have a good book when you wake up coughing and can't get back to sleep. I"m also reading two e-books, The Naked Gospel and Salvation and Judgement by David Rudel. Reading on my itouch is interesting. I don't always remember that I have a book with me. It has a small reading surface but is easier to hold than a book. The backlighting means I don't have to sit under a bright light. I can see the appeal of the ipad but I doubt I'll get one anytime soon. Yet I wouldn't give up my touch for anything.

So while I recover from this cold, it's BOOKS for me!

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