Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Joy of Living

A weekend home with the whole family is a delight to savor. Daughter's bridal shower yesterday was a chance to see many friends and work with some very mature young women who put together an awesome shower. The maid-of-honor is amazing.

Today I worshiped at the church I served as Minister of Congregational Life for almost 5 years. I previously met the current pastor who is there as interim while the colleague I pastored with is on sabbatical. So I cleared my attendance with him as its been less than a year since I left. (Dec.) We have much in common as he used to co-pastor the church I currently serve. It was good to see old friends and get perspective on the stages of life. Another friend was having her baby shower today, I saw a newborn that I'd only seen on Facebook. There was the opportunity to watch a young woman lead worship who I baptized a few years ago. She's completing a summer internship in ministry. Isn't it special to see how God works in people's lives?

Tomorrow I'm back to work and planning for a special Sunday on the 30th with worship centers instead of a sermon. I also travel to Elgin for a two-day retreat this week. Full days ahead and special treats along the way. The gifts of God are found in many places.

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