Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How Can I Keep From Singing?

The Ephesians text was tempting to the worship team and my monthly worship advisor and so we are going to do a service of singing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Well, we won't be singing psalms unfortunately, that would be a fun challenge for Brethren. And we won't actually be singing what you'd call "spirituals" altho we've looked at a few lately. (Not sure we can do them justice.) BUT, we will be raising a joyful noise.

I love the psalms and they are at their best when they remind us to join our voices in joyful praise. With two short meditations, I won't be 'taking the week off' as you might think. I actually want to toy with the idea that praise and singing changes our very nature. Off to visit some websites on endorphins and maybe spend some time at my blogger friend's site who does a wonderful job incorporating music with God's good news.

Other ideas for my meditations are welcome. The worship is laid out and the hymns chosen and all but one reader in place. Maybe there will be time tomorrow to sing a tune on the golf course. Ah, to praise God and swing my driver. How could I keep from singing?

And then there's the Beach Boys who can always hear music. (1969)


RJ said...

oooh I love that song by the beach boys... being on vacation is a treat. practicing music, reading, being in the garden, being in prayer and going to walk around new places fills my heart. good luck with the bread... i look forward to reading that sermon soon.

Rev Nancy Fitz said...

I posted the full sermon at an alternate blog on wordpress
Sounds like your vacation is doing just what it is supposed to - renew and refresh. I enjoyed your posting this week.

RJ said...

thanks for directing me to the full text, nancy: great job. i love reading your work and sharing ideas with you like this... and yeah the vacation was the best!