Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Question and Answer

Sunday we had a wonderful experience in worship of hearing three members speak of their experience of questioning God. Their stories touched us and their pain resonated with our stories. We were still left with our questions, we were just touched by their faithful response.

Theodicy has been a central religious issue for- well ever. Read the Psalms and you 'hear' the cry of God's people again and again. I just read a good perspective on our struggles written by Keith Giles and posted at The Ooze. How can God allow. . .?

"For now we live in a fallen world. God is still in control, but more often than not God allows things to happen and He works through the wreckage.

We are co-workers with God in this effort. He allows us the honor of extending grace to the sinner, comfort to the afflicted, and hope to the hopeless.

In fact, Jesus so identifies with the poor, the broken, the imprisoned, and the outcast that he says "whatever you have done to one of the least of these you have done it to me."

So, the next time we are tempted to ask, "How can God allow...?" we have to realize that God is permissive, but He is not passive. He takes what is intended for evil and turns it to good. He is in the business of turning darkness into light, and He calls us to the same ministry of reconciliation.

Maybe, when it comes to suffering and injustice we should ask ourselves, "How can we allow..'"

I wanted to share it since it fit so well with our stories of strengthening faith along with questioning God. We have our work before us - always.

Keith Giles is a pastor who doesn't take a salary in a house church where 100% of the offering goes to help the poor in the community and within the Body. You can download his books for free over at his blog:

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