Thursday, July 16, 2009

Phyllis TIckle

I heard Phyllis Tickle speak at Annual Conference. (Walt always gets the best people for the Messenger Dinner.) Then discovered this video on a friend's blog. See if you can right click on it to watch it on You Tube or make it full screen. It is well worth the 3 minutes! Then we can converse about it.


Sea Raven, D.Min. said...

Hi. I just recently joined my blog with CC Blogs. I read Phyllis Tickle's book a couple of weeks ago. I think she is correct. If "emerging church" really means a dialogue about theology that goes beyond belief and into experience, then this may be the change John Shelby Spong has been calling for. I am personally writing critical commentary on the Revised Common Lectionary. One thing that has to happen, in my opinion, is that the orthodoxy the RCL insists upon has to be abandoned, and Jesus's life and teachings and Old Testament scriptures must be reclaimed for a post-modern time.

Rev Nancy Fitz said...

Thanks for the visit. I had forgotten that JS Spong is calling for just such a thing. Nice connection. When you say "Orthodoxy of the RCL" do you mean traditional understandings of atonement and such? or the inclusion/exclusion of texts?
I will be reading your blog, thanks for the tip, Sea Raven

Sea Raven, D.Min. said...

I have been doing commentary on the Revised Common Lectionary for three years. I started in Year C, so am finishing up in Year B. I am increasingly convinced that the purpose of the lectionary is to assure orthodox treatment of the Christian story. The last three blogs (for propers 9, 10, and 11) are a fairly harsh critique on these lines. Because I'm trying to get these commentaries published somewhere, I try not to be too "bloggy," but couldm't help myself in this case. I would appreciate feedback and dialogue