Wednesday, June 24, 2009

only a little scripture

Well, in San Diego for Conference and what a boring weather forecast. . . yeah, the most wonderful boring forecast I've ever scene. Thursday: High of 70, Friday, high of 70, and on it goes. No wonder people risk falling off into the sea every time the earth shakes out here. They are already close to heaven. Oh and incredible humus and falafel next door at the mall. Walking around the mall I felt like I was in an O.C. episode. Obviously I've been up too long. Time for bed. Too bad I can't just open the window, but I guess it's safer this way.

BTW "a little help from friends" is incredibly rewarding. We have hymnals for the Ministers' Pre-Conference event coming from Laverne and San Diego COBs with folks delivering them to us. How very wonderful it is when Brethren work together in unity. Ps. 133

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