Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gifts at Death

There's a particular kind of loss in watching a new friend slip away into death. We work with death so much and I've even looked forward to that moment when the door opens to the 'other side' so I might (selfishly) catch a glimpse - maybe, just for a millisecond. .

Then I read blogging friend RJ's post at whenlovecomestotown and realized the sadness I've been feeling. Some is related to the memorial service I will lead Saturday for a mom of friends and some is for the new friend who recently became seriously ill.

I believe there is more than what we see here even if it is difficult to describe that which we will only see when we're there ourselves. " I Believe" help my unbelief - is a wonderful song by Zehnder. What I realize today is, its not lack of belief, its just the sadness of loss of more days of friendship, that could have been.

I'm going to keep looking for the gift that RJ writes of on his blog. Maybe his blog is the gift to me today.

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RJ said...

I so very much appreciate your words, my friend. Now that this part of the journey is over, let's think so more about the whole missional thing, ok? More soon.