Friday, April 17, 2009


Well it looks like I'm missing good texts on which to preach and a good sermon that will be delivered by Jordan Blevins from NCC. oh well, vacation is worth it. AND sub-letting the Richmond apartment would be even better.

Hopes up, hopes down. It's an interesting thing. One gets excited hoping that one of the responders will actually want to rent the place, then hopes crash when only one of the group show up. Perhaps another day. I used to worry about getting my hopes up and once decided it was better not to hope, not to get too excitied so that one wouldn't get disappointed. But it's a prescription for 'blah'. Life is meant for ups and downs which means good and bad times. "For better and for worse" just like marriage.

We certainly try to avoid the downs and disappointments. We may also find that the lows are learning experiences and provide needed perspective for the highs. It would seem that resurrection can only be appreciated following the experience of death. Rightly so.

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