Sunday, April 26, 2009

Coffee and Prayer

It is interesting how well coffee and prayer go together. On a beautiful morning, when the birds interrupt the silence and no heat or AC is needed, I sit with a cup of coffee and the Psalms. It has to be good, rich, fairtrade coffee and there is a balance between the amount of coffee it takes to wake up and too much to sit in silent prayer. When the combination is right, perfection.

And the large red-headed woodpecker is back asking why have I not refilled the sunflower seeds? He's the only one with a beak long enough to get the seeds in the middle. The trees look brushed with green. (Partly because I'm not wearing my contacts.) And the woods are dusted with the white of the dogwoods. All these beautiful trees are, of course, causing my eyes to water constantly. Yet, now, with the sun over the roof sending bright shafts of light a few trees and lighting up the depth of the woods, it is beautiful. September may be my absolute favorite month, but spring is in the running for first place today. Listening to the silence broken only by birdsong is truly a prayerful way to open the day.

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