Saturday, November 1, 2008


I had the opportunity to listen to some new music this week. The cd, Going Up by ZEHNDER was different, there was something about it that made me want to listen again. So I did, I listened again and again and I loved it. The music is unique and new. It's music for emerging worship and I can't imagine using it in the current congregation I serve, but I wish I could. I love the use of psalms and scripture. I love the feel of modern music with 'sacred' lyrics. In some ways the sound is simple and I find it calls to me. (Visit their site at

It reminds me of first learning Greek. It was different, vastly different than the way I was used to reading scripture. But once I began to learn, I discovered I could 'hear' old scriptures with new ears. The stories with which I grew up now had new meaning and I hung on every word. Even now, returning to the original text brings new life to stories I used to think I knew well.

Maybe that's what we all need to keep from falling into the habits of the Pharisees in tomorrow's gospel text, Matthew 23:1-12. They listened to the law again and again and had come to focus on the literal interpretation; 'church tradition' and to emphasize the external showing of obedience. Jesus calls us to really hear the law and scriptures and in them discover the promise of God. Sometimes it takes new ears, old language, or new music to open our ears. Praise God for breaking into our sedate worlds with ever new ways to hear.


Denise said...

Nancy - I love the music! I'm glad I found your blog. Keep up the wonderful thinking/praying/leading! Preacher D

Rev Nancy Fitz said...

Thanks Denise. I can't stop playing the music either. It's awesome. Great to catch up.