Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Focus On Waiting

Life moves fast. Christmas is less than a month away.

I hate overly busy days. I miss so much when I careen from activity to activity. I find it beneficial to take a few extra moments in the morning to set the pace for the day and I miss it when I'm pushed to 'do' something rather than 'be' someone. A time to focus allows me to remember my priorities, to spend time with scripture, with God and to read the words of others who are guides on my journey. This time to focus allows me to hear God's call. It's a time of waiting and listening. It takes time and I have to put off the things that beckon me to hurry and get on with the day but it's well worth it.

This Advent I will add a special devotional and try to spend more time in silence. I hope that I can focus and find focus so that I will be ready for the One for whom I wait.

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