Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Honor

I have been told that my comment about the honor of preaching sounded sharp. That was hardly my meaning. I believe that preaching the gospel IS an honor and it is one that I'm working on currently as it is my honor to preach this Sunday. Using the lectionary texts is a great challenge and a discipline as each group of texts is handed to the preacher as a challenge to delve deeply into the Bible and listen. Genesis 12 begins this week's texts and is the call of Abram to a place: tbd. Wow, that takes some serious discernment and he did not have the Psalms to turn to for reassurance and comfort. I suspect he "lifted his eyes to the hills" (Ps. 121) on more than one occasion. "Nic at Night" is the gospel lesson (Jn. 3) and is full of great light and dark images. Romans 4 rounds out the group as Paul recounts Abraham's journey of faith. So many gifts lie within these scriptures. I pray that I may share faithfully from them.

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