Friday, February 8, 2008

The First Pastor's Post

Welcome, at least to me! for who else will read the ramblings of a preacher's kid turned preacher? I have much to learn about the blog-a-sphere, but how exciting to have the opportunity. What would St. Paul have done with a blog?
"Grace and peace to you. I think of you always in my about the behavior that has been reported to me..."
Well, in that vein, what do you make of youth multi-tasking during Sunday class time and youth program time? I'd love to hear some opinions and policy. Sunday, we will begin to look at what a youth leader would want from other youth when speaking or leading the class. Then we will contemplate what type of covenant we will institute for the remainder of the year. I am a texter and it is a hard habit to give up. But, i suppose I could stop for a limited time. If anyone happens to read this, please tell me what boundaries you place on your own texting, cell use, and MP3 player use. It will help me.
And now, good night, from the blogging pastor and the initial post. Grace and peace to you.

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