Thursday, March 9, 2017

Study Day in Lent, "A Jolly Holiday..with Mary"

I know that I can easily get lost while looking for resources for Sunday. Today I've sent the emails I needed to and found the resource and then some. But now it's time for plain old reading. So glad to have this time set aside. I was assisted in this routine, by a former spiritual director. When she asked about my week which had contained a funeral, she asked where I find time for the meetings and preparation. With a study day, there's always a few hours for meeting, visiting, or doing what is necessary but wasn't planned.

AND the study is needed. So back to the work. I've schedule the video I found for use on Sunday to publish on Sunday morning. But here's another I plan to use, thanks to the idea from Nurya Love Parish in Christian Century. (Be warned, the music will stick in your head for days...)

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