Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Waiting, MORE Waiting? and where is HOPE?

I haven't posted. It seemed that my posts and rants have been more appropriate for Twitter than the fullness of a blog.
So I think I will post my Advent Sermons here.
Based on some work with Diana Butler Bass's Grounded.

Creation and Advent
The Advent of Creation - yep, it's appropriate right?

Since I HATE the saying, "God is in control." and I refuse to believe that all the hate and racism and ugliness that has been reported lately (but has always been out there) is in anyway part of God's desires for humanity.

So a walk into creation as we prepare to hear again the stories of Christ's birth seems so very delightful..although you can guess it won't be all sweetness and light. After all, we know John the Baptist will show up someplace!  After all, it's ADVENT.

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