Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sermonating - on a rainy day.

I'm so glad I set aside today to do reading and writing. It's been a long time since I had a whole day for this. Last week, thanks to Debbie's creative outdoor worship, I was able to catch up on visiting and much paperwork. This week, I began with a Reevesland Learning Center crisis, as the Arlington County Board of Supervisors voted to sell the historic farmhouse which sits in the midst of the garden beds the Reevesland Learning Center uses to educate children and adults on growing their own food.
see washington post article
Yesterday was an office, appointments, and people at regular evening hours. So today it's Matthew 6 and a return to the Sermon on the Mount in the shadow (or light) of Pentecost. How do we talk about power as in holy spirit, when we live outside of the power center of Washington, D.C.? Now there's a question to consider!

I'm actually enjoying the rain and cool air after the heat of the weekend and Monday. AND getting my wash done since I've been out every night this week. Looking forward to being home, and cooking something for dinner tonight. So that's life for now. 

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