Friday, April 10, 2015

Sitting is good.

Sitting with coffee is good. This is a week of "Light Duty". I need to call it that rather than vacation because I didn't go away, I'm still visiting in the hospital, I'm still doing errands regarding church folks, I'm still answering emails, texts, and phone calls. But I'm not going into the office. So I sit with coffee in the morning, for as long as the rest of the day's appointments will allow. Today it's a bit longer as this is the last day of "Light Duty".

I love to walk, and will walk Bowser in a little bit.
I like to visit friends, and have done so several times this week! (Bonus of "light duty"!)
But what I have needed most this week is to do
There's not been quite enough of that.

It's not easy to explain, but this time alone; just me, coffee and NOTHING, seems to be the best remedy for exhaustion. Not sleep, not anything, just NOTHING. Total veg.

ahhhh, feel it, that lack of priority? ignoring the reminders that keep popping up on my screen and buzzing in my pocket from my phone...the pile of things I really need to catch up on.. the plans for Sunday's community worship, the prayers for worship, the aids for classes at Arl. Forest UMC.. the weddings coming up.. the SCN vote at the end of the month.. finding music for that Sunday when Charlie is coming to visit and our organist is away... yep. . all those things don't go away. Even now my pocket is buzzing about collecting mail for our person in the hospital and finding important papers in her apartment.

but I"m ignoring it all, for 5 more minutes of NOTHING.
This is  post-Easter week.
(Maybe I need another. . .)

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