Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cold or Tired or Both?

The colder temps have arrived to Northern Virginia, but its still not too bad. I've been fighting a cold though so just sitting still is enough to have me chilled. It always amazes me how my body reacts as soon as the weather turns cold. I need more sleep, at least for a week, then I seem to adjust. But I haven't been getting it. I guess that's why I'm fighting a cold.

It has also been difficult to get to the gym, although I have been 2-3 times a week. Today will be tough. At least the dogs have gotten back into a full 2 miles when we walk.

How do you handle the change in weather, workouts and cold symptoms? Curling up under a blanket sounds like a perfect solution right now, but it won't get my work done. ah well.

I'm looking forward to hearing some advice here. :-)

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Terri said...

I too struggle with the change in the weather and day light. I love to walk, but not so much when it is cold outside. I despise having a cold - really struggle when I cannot breathe. In winter I spend more time sleeping, and hibernating. I do enjoy a fire in the fireplace and good cup of coffee or tea while reading. Winter, unlike summer, seems to give me permission to just be. That's nice.