Tuesday, February 4, 2014

my my

It's time to say something! since I haven't in so long.
My off day is first taken up by sleeping it! yay.
then work details - boo!
soon to finish my book, put in the laundry and get to the gym
and the dogs are really hoping a walk for them is in there.

I usually try not to do work on my off day. But sometimes it is better to just make the call, take the notes, send the emails.
Do others have trouble with taking an 'unusual' day off?

Mondays are too busy to take off. altho it would be nice to be off after some exhausting Sundays and to have the ½ day along with the whole day. Yet there are too many monday meetings. And too many little things in the office. and now I have lectionary group on Mondays.

So Tuesday is next best. Because at least I take it. If I wait till the end of the week there is always too much not done to take it or to feel relaxed. I get another ½ day and used to try to take it on Wed mornings. Now I find I prefer to take a friday afternoon or saturday afternoon when possible.

Ok, back to a few more notes and then I'm chilling...

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