Thursday, October 17, 2013

a good mix for writing

I still listen to Pandora radio a fair amount. I try iTunes Radio from time to time being an Apple fan, but it's so easy to go back to Pandora and I think they've cut back on commercials since iTunes came into the market. So I'm recommending Jukebox, the Ghost as a starter for a good station when you are writing..or trying to.

I've spent the day trying to write a stewardship letter, summarize the budget and prepare for an in-home anointing service. It can be slow work but I'm almost ready, just need to change to 'church clothes'. It has been a crazy couple of weeks. I know it is crazy when I'm looking forward to Advent for things to calm down!

I haven't been to my favorite RevGalBlogPal sites, haven't joined the Preacher's Party on Saturdays, and barely keep up with needed reading for sunday. THANKFULLY, I had John Monroe, a UU seminary student at Wesley, preach for me last Sunday. With District Conference last weekend and a bit of a homeowner emergency week, he truly was a gift from GOD!

We rent the home we own and we live in a parsonage. We had planned to go without rent for at least a month while we did some renovations and clean up at the house. The property hadn't been mowed all year and the deck badly needed replacing. Then we found a family we think will be the perfect tenants, but they needed to move in asap. so, crash course in hurry up maintenance. I took half days off to work out there with machete' and rake, cleaning rags, and window washing. I Scrubbed walls and did a tiny bit of paint. I sorted some of our stored junk and cleaned out part of the attic. All while my hubby worked like crazy on the deck. With a LOT of help from our dear friends and neighbors, the new family got moved in!
Men At Work

He is out there again today working on the final parts of the deck and it will take a few more days to complete. the chimney still needs cleaning and parts of the gutter also when we can get use of the bucket truck and the ground isn't so soft. Oh and did I mention it poured most of last week? sigh

SO now I'm playing catch up. While I got to meetings and prepared worship last week. I didn't get the stewardship letter written. Now it's up again a week-late deadline and much to do.

Back to it all now, but just saying that good music (thanks Pandora) and the live feed from the Baltimore aquarium. Helps keep me sane and calm. or as much as can be expected.

In addition, I am blessed by a particularly caring congregation and is showering me with Pastor Appreciation cards and gifts. How that for good news?

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