Thursday, February 28, 2013

In Search of Good News

Most of the time I am quite happy with life.
Some of the time I am in search of good news.
Today I've avoided the news since the Sequester begins. Here inside the beltway, the sequester means many, many of the folks I see in the pews, in the neighborhood and coffee shops will be furloughed one day per week. While it is agreed that is better than losing your will be tough. I also worry about those employed by firms that are getting defense funds in some form.

Having said that, I think we desperately need to cut into the every-growing defense budget. It is ridiculous, more - sinful, that we are in debt beyond everyone's eyeballs and their great-grandchildren's eyeballs, to finance war! War is killing. Christians are supposed to be against killing. Debt-ridden mindsets have everyone willing to accept the unacceptable. Poor, hungry, and out of work. And I have little faith in those who seem to control the defense spending purse strings.

Biased? Undoubtedly, but how can it not be a sin to spend so much on death while we begrudge and cut funds that support life? today, in this regard at least, I'm looking for good news.

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