Friday, June 8, 2012

Random Playing w/Rev Gals.

Ok, having lost my inspiration for the sermon, I'll take a leap and play.

"Happy Friday, Gals and Pals...
Our FF today is in honor of spontaneous thinking!
1.  What religion/faith besides yours captures your curiousity and why? 
UU, A friend told me they were the wave of the future and I rather believe God is doing something new out there that most of us can't see yet. Why wouldn't it include a group that is already totally inclusive?

2.  What is the first or most memorable pop song you ever learned as a kid? 
No idea, but I remember something to do with a car revving up and running around a basement while it played. Would have been 1963 or 4...

3.  If God were a color.....(finish this sentence creatively)
God would be purple and a cloud. But that's not original. I once asked a group of young middle schoolers to draw God. One drew a huge purple cloud descending over the congregation and said whenever we began to pray (corporately) that is what she pictured. I have always loved this image.

4.  If you were going to make a sandwich right now for lunch, and you magically had all the items you need for it, what would that sandwich be? 
It would have sprouts, miracle whip, horseradish and tomato.

5.  How are you doing?  Really, how are you? 
Not too bad, really. Life is good, for me. I wish I could say the same for so many for whom I pray.

Bonus:  What are you enjoying/loving right now? "
A flexible schedule so I am not stuck inside the whole day when the weather is NOT humid. (Which is so rarely true this time of year in the DC basin.)


Purple said...

Of course, I love #3

revkjarla said...

Love the Purple Cloud God image. delightful!

Not a fan of the horseradish, but still, the sandwich sounds yummy.

Thanks for playing, and enjoy the weather!

river song said...

excellent sandwich ingredients and the UU seems interesting--maybe you know they have a Christian caucus?