Monday, December 12, 2011


It's a morning for reading and journaling. Hard to believe I must shower and get to work. These Mondays after very full Sundays are tough, but it's what the rest of the world does. I'm really not ready to take on next week's lectionary texts yet. That's my usual Monday routine. I'm still basking in the 'glory' of yesterday's sermon that took so much energy to write AND was well received.

The twitter posts and morning blogs are also good today- couldn't I just stay here and drink coffee a while longer?

Today, Advent's waiting seems like a good idea. I'm in no hurry to go anywhere.
But the office awaits, and who knows what or whom will be there wanting to talk about . . Yesterday.


Terri said...

I take Monday as my day off, but it is a challenge because so many people send emails ....but, yes...I am usually almost completely wiped out on Mondays

Purple said...

I would love to just wander about through the Advent linger ponder sit and gaze into the sky...the beauty and let the journey meander on it's own time.