Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Yesterday I plugged in the fan that was set aside to be put away for winter. The house seemed so warm and stuffy that I set it near an open window to blow in the fresh air. This morning I went around closing or lowering windows. The cool rain feels good and I really enjoy sleeping under an open window (much to my husband's displeasure). Yet it seems strange to again be in the season of rapid change.
There is a metaphor here for the state of the church. We are known for being slow to change. "We" persecute those with revelation for which we are not ready. We label as heretic those who see the world differently. Sometimes I think we have never understood the message of our 'own' scriptures.
In this season of change I vow to watch for my own resistance to other's visions and my own disinclination to 'see' what I don't want to accept. Beginning with good old Christopher Columbus and extending to Cyrus in this weeks Isaiah passage (45:1-7). (Neither message is easy to accept.)
And I will pray the prayer of the COB M&M board for those who are suffering within changes of weather and life; [we will] "express faith through humble service, simple words, and courageous proclamation" with our words and our lives.

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