Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I have another week of vacation beginning on Thursday, with my off day moved and tacked onto the week. I love taking this last week of September, even if we are going south and it will be hotter. But taking this week reminds me how hard it is to be away in Sept. Even with a smaller congregation, there are program starts and things to do. The fact that our week away ends with World Communion Sunday and I have to come back prepared, means extra work before leaving and probably a sermon while I'm away. (I don't see that getting written today!) District Conference is the week after and all those October start programs begin next. How crazy is that?
Add a good crisis or two in the world and we have this week. It makes vacation look good. Still, I lose sleep over the things that won't get done, merely because there are not enough days left for the situation to resolve. Now for the good news; a congregation of caregivers! These folks at ACOB are really generous with there time and efforts to help wherever they can. So I may have to limited looking at my phone and email, but I know congregational life will be in good hands, the hands of a caring congregation! How cool is that?


Sharon said...

With whatever challenges there are, I hope your vacation is truly one of lots of rest and renewal. Enjoy!

Rev Nancy Fitz said...

Thank you!