Friday, April 23, 2010

The Fabric of Our Lives

Piecing together this week's worship service reminded me of how a quilt is made. Now I'm not a quilter, but I sure appreciate the skill that goes into the design and execution of a quilting work of art. This week we will dedicate a quilt and hangings that are being donated to our denomination's district auction (Westminster, MD on May 1) in which the proceeds support Brethren Disaster Relief. We are also "quilting" together this worship service, stitching in the talents of three people on piano, one on organ, a preacher, worship leader, children leading and participating, and a teacher. The biggest component is that of people participating from the pews.

Worship is a verb and so participating in worship is a requirement or else why come to church? This week will highlight the reality that it takes all of us working together to create everything from a worship service to maintaining the church. Along with the dedication of the quilt we will dedicate the many acts of service that will have been performed the day before because our All-Church Work Day is Saturday. (Please God let the needed rain hold off long enough to get the outside work done.) It may seem a stretch to combine quilting and branch trimming, but I think they are perfect examples of the variety of gifts found in any congregation.

In order to make visible the concept of quilting together our gifts, the children will get to pin together pieces and pictures that represent the many aspects of worship. Thanks to a fruitful Worship Team meeting last night, we have a fun idea of creating a quilt as we talk about the quilt and our many other gifts. Here's hoping it all holds together as well as the beautiful quilts that will be on display.

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