Saturday, October 3, 2009

Communion for Children

This week's sermon will mimic the high Christology of Hebrews and hopefully provide a similar round of inspiration as did the Hebrews Preacher. (Tom Long's designation) I doubt I shall be so eloquent but I shall try with visuals and words to 'lift up our eyes and hearts.' Meanwhile, there's a "Sharing With Young and Young At Heart" time to develop. And, it's World Communion Sunday.

Here's a story I think I'll tell, about communion in a different 'world'. We easily forget how Jesus used common elements to reinforce the idea that he is always with us. Our occasional ceremony may remove the significance of the everyday. I think coke, pretzels, grape juice and bread will be the visuals for tomorrow.

As for high Christology, I'm working on those words. . .
and if you are interested in the full sermon, it's here.

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