Sunday, January 18, 2009

After The Fact

What do you do with a week that is too full to post on your blog? You write on Sunday evening after the day is done. I couldn't leave the political commentary of 1 Samuel 3 alone. I found myself quoting a commentator on Eli's 'administration' and it could have been written anytime in the last year.
It is time for the “overthrow of the old order. . . an overthrow evoked because of the failure of [leadership] which has been greedy and disobedient.” “this failed order has exhausted its authority and credibility”
It was a good combo with the John text of "come and see" as thousands are pouring into DC to do just that. They are coming to see the inauguration of Barak Obama. God calls us to come and see and then equips us to go and do. I wondered with the congregation, what God might be calling us to do. We are challenged not to ignore the injustice around us, and not to be passive like Eli was when we see wrong. We are to participate in the needed change and seek to know where God would have us work and walk and do.

Change is coming, on Tuesday. Where will we be?

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