Sunday, April 13, 2008

Post Sermon Debriefing

With my colleague on vacation, I'm left without a debriefing partner so bloggin is' it.' The canoe story from summer camp worked as an example of community as seen in the Acts 2 text. It was easy to make comparison (altho rather light) with being taught to canoe; "devoted to teaching", breaking bread e.g. lunch on the river, and sharing all things in common. The most comments came from canoe folks and summer campers. I suspect it was just a nice story for others. Hopefully they (someone?) heard the challenge to build community by meeting the needs of the people who come to us. "God IS adding to our number; opportunities."

Anyone who has been to camp knows there is no better example of Christian community than that which forms in a week's time at camp. My stories of caring behavior and remarkable changes are numerous so I try to use them sparingly as to not overload.

As for the sermon, if I just think about the nice comments, I'm ok. But if I remember that my litmus test person didn't even go out my door... well, then I'm more discouraged. Oh well, for what it's worth, I felt good about it and there were enough thoughtful comments to help my post sermon blues.

AND the children's story worked; even if it was put in to fill space then left in even after the extra music was added. BTW, the special music, "The Lord's Prayer" sung by Mandy and Sean North, was incredibly moving. It was a little hard to come out of that special place of prayer.

So it is finished. Now all the stuff piling up on my desk can return to priority status. I've been treading water on much of my work and its time to catch up. Visits are up to date and assistance calls have been very time consuming. We shall see what this week brings.

Rambling for my own sake today...

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