Saturday, July 1, 2017

Ready for vacation.

Tomorrow is my last preaching day before vacation. I've been sick all week with a cold and it has really knocked me down. Therefore, I am very ready for vacation. The hard part is trying to maintain focus for one more day. AND thinking about what I should have in place before I go.

Dreamin' of beach days, sleeping in (without being sick), quiet mornings, golf in 'way too hot temps', walks with hubby, reading, and more beach. Is this what retirement is like? Hmmmm

I just don't understand how the weeks AFTER Easter have been so busy. Maybe there is just no difference, except busy and busier! Every once in a while I get a "slow" (relatively speaking) week. I have learned to grab those, not feel guilty, and take a little time. Sure enough they are followed by funerals, crisis and lots of extra work.

I will finish my work for tomorrow. Look at what needs finishing for the next 2 weeks. Then concentrate on what to pack, what to take, what movies to put on my iPad. Ah the good life.

Until later...

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